Atratus: The Pendulum


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The second full-length release, follow-up to the debut album "Proelium" (2011, Radiation Noise Productions)


released August 26, 2014

Produced & engineered by Octagone
Mix & master by Martin "Amorph" Linda
Cover art by Michel Tracteur

Mark / gt, vx
Adam / gt, dr, prg
Sam / bss



all rights reserved


OCTAGONE Plzen, Czech Republic

OCTAGONE is an industrial death metal act hailing from Pilsen, Czech Republic.

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Track Name: Automatic Thoughts
Internalised schemes in a restless sleep
A hidden trigger
Rewind, reevaluate, rebuild
Every decision that now will come
Everything that has been done
Generalising, catastrophising

Routinised thoughts
Condemned you to forced restarts
Negation is the only way
Discounting positives
Denying objectives
Constant repetition of the loop

Misinterpretation of facts
The inner voice is twisted by distortion
False sense of reality
No sense of normality
When logic is gone

All seem to me
All used to be
Objectiveness would set you free
A wasted lifetime
It´s all you´ll ever see

Internal struggle
All the voices scream
Let them all extinct
They´re nothing but a dream
Externalise - leave the shrieks behind
They will always lack what they cannot find
Leave them all behind
Leave it all behind

Let them all extinct
Act of your will - automatic
Your reactions – just automatic
Automatic thoughts
Track Name: Interrogate & Decimate
I will bring you down
The very source of hatred
Subhuman scum, putrid to the bone
A treason made flesh
The epitome of supreme betrayal
Yeah, for you the bell tolls
Retaliation here and now
I will ask, you will answer
Several questions
And here the vengeance arrives

No one really cares about your innocence
About the lies that you have said
Your proclaimed virtue remains only in you goddamned head

The ultimate punishment is upon you
Thus you will see
You don´t deserve to be down here
Then you will cease to be
The capital punishment is upon you
Yes, you will see
You don´t deserve to be down here
And too soon
You will cease to be
Down for good
Down for good
Down for good, yeah
One more rat is down for good
You don´t deserve to be down here
One more rat is down for good
Retaliation here and now
Track Name: Degeneration Next
Give a warm welcome
Hell yeahs to the worthless shite
Degeneneration next
Indoctrinated we´ve become
Scavengers in wait
A scumbag´s life is the bait

Habitual weakening
Crowds speaking in tongues
Anticipating instant gratification
Conjuring global happiness
(Eventualy) embrace isolation

Common sense in an eclipse eternal
Provide us with lies and deceit
For we´re forever but lowlifes

Divided we will stand
Submerged in mass hypnosis
Suffocating on well-being we pretend
Our desperation forever we´ll defend
Track Name: Bury Me Burning
Sequence in a perfect arrangement
An exact order of processes
But the tables are turned and the damage is done
Here I stand
Descent and failure made flesh

No regrets just for the sake of humanity
No weakness is to enter the heart and the soul
Pseudoindividual parts of myself
Prefabricated shape and emotions
The cause and the effect reversed
The binary code´s too vital
I am the hate
The order is to obliterate

I am the prototype – you´d better bury me burning
Denial, fall and genocide
You´d better bury me burning

You made me live
Thus I will make you bleed forevermore
Your creative force is killing you again
You don´t know what you´re aiming for

No regrets just for the sake of false humanity
No weakness is to enter my heart and my soul
Pseudoindividual parts of yourself
The code more humane than yours
So different in shape - so similar in emotions
You die
Track Name: The Incompetent
Oh, behold
What a sight to see
A lethargic mass
In slumber they await
All high on hollow blessings
Living their artificial dreams
All the screens and city lights
Won´t brighten their dismal fears

Loyal servants of mediocracy
Nonautonomous men of labour
Just keep it all average and equal
In mindlessness
A usual fellow simply love to remain
Throw the dog a bone
It don´t need much more
For a copper coin one´s soul is to sell

Convince them
They are one of a kind
Don´t educate them, offer gadgets for free
And they will turn dumb, deaf and blind
Even without chains they´re slaves to me
Give them men in suits to loathe and adore
A common man´s self is wretched down to the core

To think, to speak and to live
There´s nothing left in the inside
In modern apathy
You sold your soul to a dream
You´re no longer able to decide
For youself

Not qualified to exist on your own
You seek for a shelter
Sheep rather gather in a flock

Autonomy gone
From own thoughts to none
Facing the blue screen of death

To think, to speak and to live
There´s nothing left in the inside
In apathy
You sold your soul to a dream

There´s nothing left in the inside
There´s nothing left to lose
To think, to speak and to live

You sold your soul to a dream
You sold your soul to a dream of the others
Track Name: The Saboteur
For a lost one
There´s no relief
Undermine and run
You stray too far from a give course
Waiting for your time to come

And engage the button

No actual reason to hide
These eyes won´t investigate
Evidence and trace you leave no longer
Confuse them and assimilate

Infiltrate their visions
When they fall asleep
All good and honest
Is destined for the

You´re a lost one
There´s no relief
Cast into pain
Your envy and lack of self respect
Just waited
Just waited for you to die

Like pack-oriented species
You can´t be submissive
A leader and his behaviour
Has to remain
Strictly excessive

There is no relief
Track Name: Foucault´s Pendulum
An ageless heresy
Serpents swarming in darkness
The old order reduced to dust
In obscurity we dwell
United by treachery
In supremacy through conspiracy
We trust

Gathering the fragments of the masterwork
Worldwide hate
A guild multinational

The sacred defenders of the Plan
Sophisticated and ciphered
The bodies have been burnt
The spirit rests unconquered
Blessed be the Invisible Ones

Hark, oh, our unseen Lords
Hidden and hideous
Thou who dwell in earth and soil
Show us the way

The brave new kings
The newborn sons
For the brand new world
Bring forth the manuscript
Obey and spread the word
Show us the way

When the only truth no longer lies in secrecy
When the supreme voice is no longer silent
We will rise to claim our triumph
Step aside
For the march of the supreme
Give us a sign
Set us free.
Track Name: Inheritors of the Utter Misery
Flashbacks of scenes when beyond Rubicon
Storms keep raging out of hand
The meltdown is out of control
Bittersweet taste of downright misfortune
The circle repeats itself
Once again, the hammer is ordered to fall

You add poison into own water
The dirt into what was so pure
Every day increasing doses
You come with sulphur to fire
With a lie to what once was so true
Each time closer and closer
To the point of no return

The hammer is about to fall
The hammer is about to fall
Fall once again

You carried the weight of consequence
Prevailed in the times of failure
Endured magnificent suffering
Survived the years of beeing stabbed in your back

Omnipresence of rue and despair
A palette rulled by grey and black
You can dream of the daylight to come
But you cannot hide that you are the one
To burn